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ARCO_Hand Grinder

ARCO_Hand Grinder

ARCO is a single dose grinder with a smooth grind setting mechanism and nearly zero retention will change the way you grind. Forever.


ARCO is available as a precision high quality hand grinder only with a revolutionary grind setting ring to fine-tune your grind, no matter how you brew your coffee.


Full grind range
A grind for every brew method. 180 grind settings from ibrik to cold brew are at the reach of your hand with a never before seen ease of grind adjustability.


ARCO is a single dose grinder with near zero grind retention. Every grind particle will land in a magnetic coffee catcher that makes dosing your brew simple and it fits your espresso machine portafilter perfectly!


    Catcher capacity: up to 50g

    Conical burr size: 47mm (outer), 32mm (inner)

HK$1,680.00 Regular Price
HK$1,512.00Sale Price
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